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When you set out to research what kind of siding and trim you want to use for your project, there are three things to consider; Quality of materials, color selection and finished look, and finally….make sure you contact Us!

When it comes to material, make sure you look into weather-ability, affordability, maintenance, ease of installation, and flexibility of usage. You will need to choose the best material suited for your home and environmental conditions. Voden Construction will provide all the information you need and help guide you through the entire process. Whichever siding material you decide to use, we will make sure it looks fantastic and is installed correctly.

One of the materials we recommend is the Fiber cement. Fiber cement is a combination of man made materials as well as naturally components fused into a composite. Another siding we recommend is cedar shake siding. Cedar is highly attractive when stained. The average life span of cedar shake siding is 30-40 years when maintained properly. When it comes to durability, cedar is is a low density softwood, meaning it has an open cell structure unlike many siding materials. Very durable, yet  most people are drawn to it because of the many styles available.

What ever siding material you decide to go with, Voden Construction will make sure it looks fantastic and installed correctly.

To view one of our siding jobs on YouTube, Click Here!


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